• Xinle Huabao: technical innovation such as life

    Source site: XINLE HUABAO PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD Release time: 2016-11-19

    With the product as the traction, conservation of a kind of innovation spirit, with the brain, excellence. Warburg focus on technological innovation, technological innovation is regarded as life, devoted to the study of all kinds of plastic machinery and plastic products, create independent research institutions, to achieve high-end products, a series of specialized production patterns. Especially in the field of film, with strong technical strength and R & D, through digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, the cast film of plastic machinery has been in a leading position. Hua Bao has successfully developed a PVDF, ETFE and other fluorine material production line, EVA solar cell packaging film production line, breathable film production line, high-speed winding film production line, etc. to fill the domestic market blank. This year, Huabao international export situation is good, the major markets in South America, North America, Middle East and Southeast Asia and other regions, the export rate reached 39%, foreign exhibitors will increase next year, continue to increase the share of exports.

    Hebei Huabao plastic Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 1993, is a set of plastic machinery and plastic products industry as the core of the joint-stock enterprise, covers an area of 368 acres, the total assets of 360 million yuan, more than 1600 employees. Research, design and manufacture of Warburg over the years to various casting plastic machinery, in cooperation with foreign companies and the digestion and absorption of international advanced technology, relying on technical cooperation with domestic universities and common development advantages, resulting in casting plastic machinery design and manufacture of more mature and perfect and beautiful, in the same industry has been in the leading position, has a number of invention and utility model patents, has aroused widespread concern in the industry. At present the main machine types are: high transparent CPE composite packaging film production line, high speed multi winding film production line, PE and PVC film production line, PVC transparent packaging film production line, recently developed PP plastic sheet production line and so on, continue to broaden the basin casting machine products, Warburg has manufacturing within 3500mm in width the thickness of extrusion casting products, from this range of 0.008-2.0mm.
    So far, the new Warburg four axis high speed winding film production line, compared with the first 500mm wide machine was developed, from the manual adjustment of mould, unloading, manual roll changing and cutting speed of 60-70m/min to what is now the United States fully automatic adjustment mould, automatic thickness gauge, four shaft type automatic volume unloading system, cannot be mention in the same breath. Technical content is too large, the electricity consumption per ton from the original 800 to the current 400 degrees per ton, energy saving and improve the efficiency of all times, new models of labor costs per ton can be reduced one times. The application of Warburg in food packaging and medical equipment aspects, mainly into CPE high permeability membrane composite PA or other barrier materials, mostly before the blow molding grade transparency, low yield, poor planeness. Recently, with the majority of manufacturers of raw materials Warburg in close cooperation, accelerate the process of research and development.